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Sunday, 7 July 2013


 It has been a long time since I looked back and thought of my own fashion journey. The journey from where ‘I wanted to buy everything’ to the time where ‘I know precisely what I like and what I wanted to buy.’ Covered in books and websites, to know what everyone is wearing,lusting,liking and designing can be more frenzied than just one can imagine!! Today, as I quietly sit in the my room looking back the old pictures of me and my family/friends. Recalling the pleasing weather of Jaipur with the sky in  the most perfect shade of cerulean. I find myself suddenly thinking of my juvenile wardrobe and how much I and my clothes have grown and changed!!! J
I am reminded of the time when all my outfits were stitched by my aunt,by selecting the most beautiful fabrics and stitching them on her own!JUST FOR ME!<3 We’ll there are some advantages of being the only girl int the home! <3 THE PRINCESS!! <3 There were frills and lace and  hats! It feels so awesome to not have to worry about what to wear once in a while; cause it is already chosen and laid out for you… the excellent life! J
Then after a few years when my aunt got married and went away from me to begin her new life.
Now the duties were partially divided to my mum and my grand mother;Now all my outfits were lovingly picked by my mother. J
And then, a few years later, there was the time I gave up EVERYTHING. All things pretty and all things pink, to be a boy. Only boy clothes were allowed. There were t – shirts, cargoes, bandanas and denims and lowers and football was my life!!
Those days had definitely made a tom boy! With all those bob cut hairs!! :D I think I still love wearing guy clothes because of that time. But THE DIFFERENCE IS, Now I know how to wear them without actually looking like a boy!
The teen was a bit catastrophic, like it is for the majority of us. I can say so now! Not a complete disaster but I did make some choices that I will NEVER EVER recommend anyone to wear at any age. I guess one is just a lot more experimental (Sometimes not in a good way :)) and still discovering their personality and personal style. I always ended up shopping for some pretty unnecessary stuff which wasn’t necessarily pretty. (I can say now) There were suicidal red hoddie jacket or I don’t remember what that was! a strange denim skirt of an discomfited length and those dirty yellow bell bottoms…!! I still don’t know why they were ever even allowed to enter MY closet. The naivety.
But as the times had  passed I realized being with girls than boys will give you a better perception about what other are wearing looking at other people you’ll be able to realize on your own what you like and what you don’t; and what will look good on you and what will not!
But there’s a thing that I have surely learn from my father he was the first one to tell me that you can wear whatever you like just be sure that you are comfortable and confident in whatever you wear. You have no idea how much confidence well just this sentence of him has ever given me!
Seriously this has changed my entire perception about fashion!!
I still don’t know exactly what I dress up like. It depends on my mood each day. When I’m happy I’ll dress up when I’m not you’ll see the difference! I love things, get bored of them, toss them away and maybe months later bring them out from the back of my closet. People may like what I wear or may dislike it… it doesn’t really matter to me. Because what I know for sure is that I love dressing up and I do it for myself. Because I enjoy clothes and those pretty little things.
I just hope you are not finding this post too much boring….Coz it’s way too much about me… but I just wanted to put it out there that not everyone is born with a great dressing sense. It needs to be cultivated and it takes time to know yourself a lot of time and what you feel comfortable in. It’s not about how much you can shop and how much money you spend on these things… it’s how well you know your body and know what looks good on you. Hope my fashion journey continues and gets even better with time, with new experiences, new inspirations and expectantly lots of travel.
I guess, the more one looks and observes and understands, the better one will be, in every way.
Here’s to creating blunders and realizing there are NO real rules when it comes to fashion.

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Photography:Abel Sebastian

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