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Thursday, 30 January 2014


Hey there people!!
Another month of another begining...! Feburary! God!
How the hell its gonna be now..?? Will it be amazing..wondrous? happy.. or full of Love!! 

We'll I wanted it to be a quick post! Because I have so many more posts for you to do!

So I just hope you enjoy this post!

Photography: Abhilasha Tyagi

Denim shirts are back in style.
If you don’t have one in your closet yet, it’s a worthy investment. Other types of casual shirt are still quite similar in fabric and general aesthetics, but a denim shirt will bring something different to your wardrobe. It will add some variety.
It will still have the stigma of being primarily worn by people’s dads, but a stylish person can wear items in ways that break their stigma. It’s not the shirts themselves that give people the chic-look, it’s the way some people wear them. 
I'm wearing a stripes gunjy,a knitted skirt with embellished collar on the denim with over sized clutch and a pair of gladiators adding more charm to it.
The wayfares and the accessories giving a snazzy loo
Will you be trying the look? Let me know in the comments below! 

Till then Stay CHIC!

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