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Friday, 14 February 2014


Hello! People! Happy Valentine's Day! 

So, I am not wearing red, planning for internships,
but had an amazing day!Nothing could have been better! Thou for me it was not just any other day. 

But then I decided to do a special outfit for the day, wearing white, because this color suits every day and every occasion! 
and also I'm back with you all with a new segment and a style piece Scarf!
I have tons of scarves! I wear them almost every day and base a good amount of my outfits on them. They can brighten you up and make your eyes look brighter, you skin glow, and perfectly complements you outfit; if you wear them correctly. I'm here to show you how.
Scarves can be paired with a skirt, jeans, or nicedress pants. That's another good thing about scarves; they can be dressed up or down.

Photography: Rajkumari

My outfit includes a white t-shirt and a tribal printed scarf with denim printed shorts!!

This is a great scarf! I  think that the green  is very pretty and I love the interesting design. This Tribal Geometric 
I hope you liked the outfit and learned how to look perfect in a scarf! They are a great way to show personality and style!

Till then Stay CHIC!
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