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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Take me to the other side of life....

And finally it's a breathe easy phase for me now, and I am much relaxed,the show is over and it was spectacular!. My hectic schedule has come to an end as I am done with the internship, so you guys won't find me all grumpy and complaining about the same anymore! :)College is about to start and  I have new things to learn and also I have decided to enjoy this semester even more as I have only a few months to go before this joyous college life gets over. I have decided to do things that make me happy, and live my life to the fullest, without fretting and worrying about things. And while I write this, I am tensed about the pending projects I need to complete. Okay, I need to try harder! :P, and I already know that I am going to miss everything about it. Haven't slept properly since ages, but then somehow I have fallen in love with my hectic routine. Waking up early morning, taking the metro, seeing the same faces everyday, a silent acknowledgement, and there is much more which I shall talk about in the 'Internship Farewell' post.

And here are a few things that have become an essential part of my routine nowadays.

Outfit post for you!!

Simple yet classy!!
Any one can try this with a blackurta and white patiala and duppata.
For my love for black metal bangles and jhumkas! :)

 Photography: Abhishek Singh

                                                                             Till then 
                                                                           Stay Chic

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