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Sunday, 10 August 2014


Throughout its storied sartorial history, tartan has taken on a multitude of forms. The timeless pattern has roots in ancient Scotland (after all, Braveheart's William Wallace went to battle wearing a kilt), but over time, it also became synonymous with movements from punk to grunge (Kurt Cobain's uniform often consisted of a tartan flannel shirt). With undertones both classic and subversive, tartan's proved that it's one of the most versatile and enduring patterns in fashion. Read on to see how a number of stylesetters are wearing tartan now, and how you can get their look today. Don't forget to check out our on-trend tartan picks too!On The Runway
Michael Kors Look 24 from F/W 12 collection

A classic red tartan shirt has an English (and Scottish) heritage charm. Choose a mini style to avoid looking frumpy and team it with black tights for a Sixties feel or biker boots for a nod to Eighties punk.

Photography: Sonu Yadav

This boyfriend shirt is yet another tartan addition to my wardrobe. I really need to concentrate on getting things that are non-tartan and non-fluffy.

Mixing boyish pieces with feminine additions (like gladiators) creates an unexpected combination that totally works in my opinion! I think it’s so funny that there are various styles of jean now that work and are even considered trendy. When I was in high school, anything other than flared or boot leg jeans was considered old fashioned. Now, I consider the cut and wash more of a personal preference, whether you want to wear skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, high-waisted jeans, wide leg jeans, or anything else you can come up with and style appropriately.

The boyfriend jean has become one of my favorite types of jean style, right after skinny jeans as you can tell from previous posts! The baggy denim style is meant to give off a relaxed vibe, as though you just woke up, rolled out of bed, and grabbed a pair of your man’s most comfortable jeans. As casual as they are, I don’t consider boyfriend jeans very easy
to style and for the longest time, I didn’t think they were particularly stylish. I think depending how you put together the look, it can be a risk! Searching for just the right ones that are baggy but figure-flattering at the same time can be a challenge. Once you find the right pair that works for you, there are endless ways you can wear the look.

I like a jean that is relaxed but still fitted so it creates the look of borrowing something from my man, without actually looking like a man. The jeans look sexy and elegant when styled a ton of different ways, from a plain white T-shirt to a collared shirt. The look you create changes drastically with the type of shoes you wear, from high-heels to flats  for a more casual look. 
A great way to dress up a pair of boyfriend jeans with Tartan  is to add a backpack and a pair of geeky's;By the way they are new! :)
What are some other ways you have styled Tartan? 

                                                                             Till then 
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