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Monday, 20 October 2014


All the people we have met and all the people we have yet to meet,are meant to exist so we can find them,so we both could exchange a set of directions,which will guide us to the next place we are meant to go.
and as we go,we must always believe .that maybe this could be our last stop.that maybe the next person we meet will not have a set of directions,that maybe they will have more,and that maybe they will offer us something beautiful enough to inspire us to stay.

Photography: Rajkumari

Talkig about the pictures. I'm wearing a tropical print shirt which is my latest favorite,with a bowtie which I had made with knitted skirt along with gladiators and backpack.
I really had fun during the shoot.
Hope you like it!
Would love to hear your comments and views!
Till then stay chic!


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