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Saturday, 7 March 2015

World Cup Madness....

If we look into the past....Fashion has evolved staggeringly....Years ago Cricket was labelled as the gentleman’s game, may be it was right because at that time glamour and cricket were like  poles apart. Over the time, playing technique as well as the trends kept changing. Nowadays cricket is no more just a gentleman’s game but it has become more stylish and glamorous one. From the Rise of Haute the Roaring what we are wearing now...Fashion reflects the society of which it is a part. It has been influenced by wars, conquests, laws, religion, and the arts. Individual personalities have also had an impact on fashion. From Test one day day and night matches to IPL.... from our players to our hot cheerleaders... cricket has gone a far way....!
The most important fields in the world FASHION and SPORTS... have commingle and the sports persons have turned into Fashion Icons....
Be it the trend setter David Beckham or Virat kholi...

Like Fashion Cricket has also evolved from 1800s and from being inspirations now crickiters have become fashion icons..!

Style = Expression

It’s the total combination of the way you dress, talk, move your body, or do anything for that matter. Simply put, it’s how we express our inner being outwardly. This includes all of our thoughts, emotions, interests, and values. Everything on the outside is merely a reflection of what’s on the inside.
A lot of the people think that what we do is just help people upgrade their outer appearance.
Although, I like to think of myself as a “self-expression coach,” because I firmly believe that fashion is just one part of your style.
For instance our cricketers..The dashing Imran khan made women go head over heels with his charming looks, smart shirts and suits and his elegant conversation.

Times have changed.  The players are watched a great deal.  The number of endorsements they do has also increased.  They are all over the media.  Hence, the players have become more fashion conscious.They are youth and style icons, as popular and worshipped as the filmstars.Their styling and the way they carry themselves is under public scrutiny all the time.
Like the way people had followed Salman khan's trend setting looks in Tere Naam be it before interval or after interval looks.. the same way the followers are changing towards the cricketers... Shikhar Dhawan's moustache is the latest 'IN' thing and what people are following!!

Tattoo inspiration David Beckham!

Yes! We all agree that players these days are all very smart,hot and well groomed... They endorse fashion brands,appear in fashion magazines..!omg and so hot they look!!

Cricketers being youth icons and having major fan following have brought in a huge change in the way they dress, style their hair, or have tattooes, or the brands they endorse.
And my favorite Virat kholi... with his amazing looks..!

Yes…players have become more fashion conscious, out of choice, out of compulsion.  After all, the society has also undergone a huge change.

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Till then Stay Chic
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