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Monday, 24 August 2015

ART OF MANLINESS....What to wear on First Date!

Hello People!
This post is for men out there who are confused in choosing what to wear on their first date.
Whether you like it or not, women will notice the clothes you wear—so keep these tips in mind to make a fantastic first impression. From a women's perception! And it will help you guys like really; Trust me on this!

Let's face it: Women love clothes. Why else are they constantly shopping and complimenting their girlfriends on that incredible new top or pair of pumps? And while you may be wondering, “What does this have to do with me?” I’ll tell you: More and more, women are expecting, even demanding, that the men they date look more like the “after” images on Femina or Cosmo than the “before.” In other words, showing up at a swanky martini bar in your college hoodie and lucky sneakers may make that first date your last. 
So, Just keep these simple tips in mind to show women you do indeed have a clue when it comes to style. 

#Tip 1.A little color goes a long way
Unless you're heading out to meet a Goth chick, dressing all in black is a bit morose. "And don't wear beige,"  "Neutral colors are boring." On the other end of the spectrum, too much flash could be a glaring distraction, so don't try to stand out with a hot pink t-shirt, fire engine red sweater, or shirt with a logo. A jewel tone (maroon, forest green, cobalt blue) sweater over a white dress shirt will make an attractive, not-too-staid but not-too-flashy statement. 

Khakis may seem like the perfect first-date standby, but experts adamantly stress men should avoid khakis—they just aren’t sexy. 
But we have tried here, and trust me if worn correctly they look hot!!

#Tip 2.Add a style statement, as you well know, would love someone with at least a decent fashion sense. So its better to add on a little edge to you look by adding some cool shades or suspenders or a hat even, Trust me it will definitely give you +50 automatically.

Tip #3: Pay attention to your footwear
Women, as you well know, are shoe-obsessed, and will immediately take note of what you’ve decided to step into this evening. The good news: Barring “work shoes” like wingtips or cap toes, any footwear (even sneakers) can look fine, especially with jeans. Boots are also appropriate.Now, the bad news: You’d better make sure shoes look spankin’ great. Polish them, remove any scuffmarks or crud that’s collected on the sides and bottom. A man who maintains his shoes can be trusted to be detail-oriented in other areas of his life, from his apartment to a relationship. 

"A man who maintains his shoes can be trusted to be detail-oriented in other areas of his life, from his apartment to a relationship."

Tip #4: Don’t forget the details
Shirt, check, jeans, check, shoes, check...think you’re in the clear? Not quite, Paying attention to the particulars is what will really convince a gal you’re a cut above average. "What you wear should speak to your individuality, If you're wearing a shirt with French cuffs, wear interesting cuff-links." And don't overlook your socks. White gym socks belong at the gym, Anything with a pattern can be fun. Look for something with a design, like hearts or diamonds. "If he can pull the right socks off, he's a winner." 

 Tip #5: Minimize scent
 There's nothing worse than going up to your date and being engulfed in a cloud of cologne, aftershave, or body spray. Most guys overdo their application of scent, so make sure that you don't make that mistake! Your date will thank you and so will anyone in your vicinity.
 If you're going to wear cologne or body spray, make sure you follow the rule less is more. For cologne, 2 pumps should be sufficient; for body spray, no more than 3. You want to smell nice, but not overwhelming. Keep in mind that your nose will get used to the scent and eventually stop telling your brain about it. Just because you can't smell anymore doesn't mean your date can't.

Confidence begins with the layer closest to you!
It is important how you "feel" in your clothes (comfortable,confident and sexy or fidgety and uncomfortable).  Showcasing the latest collection from Tommy John men's underwear which will make you feel confident and sexy.

And for the girls out there!!!!
It’s easy to see why stylish girls who love a billowing boxy top or “ugly” sandals might have a hard time dressing for a date. The question is a tough one: How does one remain true to their fashion sense without completely horrifying their suitor?
So let the pictures do the talking......

          I hope you guys liked it and it was a help for you all to dress up for the First date.

Men:                                                                                     Women:
Shirt: Bossini                                                                      Dress: VeroModa
Trousers: L.P                                                                     Gladiators: Thrifted
Shoes: Zara Men                                                               Accessories: Indiska
Watch: Times                                                                    Watch: Fastrack
Glasses: Thrifted                                                                Lip Color: Mac

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Till then stay chic!

Model: Ashish kumar, Maria kurian
Photography, Editing, Creative Direction by Disha Bhanot

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