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Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Fashion plays a huge role in the lives of many. Other people's first impressions of you typically include your appearance as well as your personality and professionalism. In order to carry yourself well all year long, it's important to understand fashion etiquette. One of the most widely discussed fashion issues is white pants, skirts, shoes and bags. Read on to discover the new etiquette for white pants.


  • You've more than likely heard the "rule" that white pants are only to be worn after Memorial Day and never after Labor Day. While some people still follow that fashion rule, it's not as widely practiced anymore. Because of the variety of shades of white and the many fabrics that are used in clothing today, wearing white can be done year-round.


  • Another rule pertaining to white pants etiquette used to be avoid white pants unless you were model thin. Whether you are a full-figured lady or model thin, there is a style of white pants that will look good on you. One rule for everyone when shopping for a pair of white pants is to go up one size if you are between sizes. Pants that are too small, especially in white, cause the wearer to look lumpy, sloppy and larger than she is.
    Do not wear pleated pants; they add to your width and are not flattering on any body type. Instead, opt for a pair of wide-legged pants featuring a flat front. This tends to leave the wearer looking sleek and pulled together, and works for any body type. For slimmer women, a pair of skinny jeans in white works well.
    White pants etiquette also pertains to underclothes. Poor taste is exhibited if you wear a nice pair of white pants with visible panty lines. Opt for a thong panty in nude or white if the pants are even slightly sheer. Undergarments should never be visible.

Concept: Disha Bhanot

Model: Abhilasha Tyagi

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