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Friday, 11 October 2013


Hello! People!
Today I have got you a bonanza of fashion trends!
Double Denim.....Suspenders....Backpacks! :D


No, it doesn't have to look like you're off to the rodeo. "The trick is to mix fabric weights and washes.Try a light chambray shirt with dark denim shorts/dark jeans skinny, and layer with a fitted denim vest. Inject some glam with a pair of towering heels or keep it cool and chic with your favorite sneakers!!

And Voila!


I hope you remember my older post on suspenders! How you can just change your whole attire with this smart piece!


From nerdy fashion accessories to acceptable even on the red carpet by the likes of director/producer Kiran Rao, glasses have come a long way.
And while every celebrity prefers a different style, shape, even colour, they all have one thing in common -- the bigger the better. Preferring function over fashion are stars like Kiran Rao. Rao chooses classic slim frames that don't aim to stand out as nerdy-chic but are a part of her personality. 
4 pro tips to creating a spectacle
1. Hide an under-eye situation
Wear smaller frames if you suffer from puffiness under the eyes, advises Harvey Moscot of Moscot Eyewear. "The bottom of the rim will cover dark circles and fine lines."
2. Make sure your make-up is flawless
"Lenses can magnify the eye area and draw attention to bloopers," warns make-up artiste Jo Strettell.
3. Don't let glasses and make-up compete
Wear simple frames with bold eyes and vice versa. And "curl your lashes so that they don't hit the lenses," suggests Strettell.
4. Keep your brows in mind
"Thick rims with thick eyebrows is too much going on," says Moscot.


The best news we've heard all season? Backpacks aren't just for back-to-school anymore. Whether on one shoulder or two, stuffed to the brim or slouchy and spare, the backpack is well… back! With a perfect blend of flare and function the backpack has come a long way from the kind you had in high school. The new versions have all the trappings of grown-up add-ons making them sophisticated and sassy. Shop every style at every budget right now and be prepared for your back to thanks you:

Does the backpack make your fashion honor roll? Or were you over it the moment you stepped out of high school????
Do share your views with me!
Till then stay stylish..!!

Photography: Abhilasha Tyagi
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