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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The new LOVE!



All these parties and festive occasions coming has got me again into shopping!!You know how crazy I am when it comes to shopping,especially short black prom dresses. And while browsing a few online shopping sites this particular one caught my eye!!
They have such wide range of dresses for any occasion really, like  prom, cocktail,red carpets etc. You would be wondering that are they different from the other online boutiques? Well, for starters, yes! they are very nice in customer service and you are sure to receive the best that the market has to offer at reasonable prices. Also, you can make your dream dress fit you perfectly, as they have an option of custom made.

So I decided to share my personal favorites with you!

And you all can imagine these two as my first favorites and I have two more of my favorites..! The beautiful cuts and the designs are so mesmerizing! :*

I couldn't resist my self from sharing these with you! The beautiful cocktail dresses can transform any girl next door to a diva! And yes, they ship up to 200 countries, so if you’re looking for that perfect dress for that perfect day, you can definitely find one there.
They also provide a free gift for orders over £50 and free shipping on orders over £200 !To view the dresses on their original website, simply click on them. :) !Each one of them carries an exquisite sense of style that transforms you from a girl next door to glam diva going to a friend's reception or a determined independent woman going to a company's meeting or a sexy woman going on a date at a restaurant.Either way, I simply love the dresses that I've encountered on the website ( )

I have a special session for you about HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT PROM DRESS???        I know you all are as excited as I am. So here it is..!

Prom dresses just like women come in all shapes and sizes; we’re here to help you find the one

 that looks best on your body type. 

Pear Shapes     Slender    Hourglass     Apple

Pear Shapes - For pear shapes I recommend prom dresses with fitted tops and full or a-line
 skirts.  Or if you are comfortable with your larger behind, go for prom dresses that are a bit 
more form fitting.
Slender - If you have a slim figure the illusion of curves can be achieved by drawing attention to
your bust line or a prom dress that bells out.  Also, you might try prom dresses that draw 
attention to your waist such as a wrap dress or one with a belt.
Hourglass - If you have an hour glass figure consider yourself lucky! You have a naturally 
well proportioned body with means you don't need to disguise any thing. Almost every style 
dress will flatter your figure. Have fun with it!
Apple - For an apple shaped body prom dresses with an empire waist will help draw attention 
from your middle. Also a higher waist line means the prom dress may not be as tight in your 
problem area. If you have nice athletic legs, you might try to show them off by looking at shorter
 prom dresses.
 I advise you go and check them out and maybe you could  find the dress of your dreams!:)

Stay tuned for more updates on this!!

Hope you'll enjoy shopping!!

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