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Thursday, 7 November 2013


I personally love the ‘rock chic’ look. I think it is gorgeous, cool and sexy. Girls who do it right look incredible and always make you think how to pull off such a look. Well, it’s not that hard, and this article aims to make it slightly easier to do. The look has a vintage and grungy feel to it and can also be extremely feminine. This will give you an overview of the look, and will show you just what you need to do such a look.

The main colours to this look are  black,reds and white. Red and black together look really cool and give you an edgy look, which is what you want.

Don’t care what anyone else thinks. Being a rock chic is all about breaking the rules of fashion and doing your own thing.

Clothes for this style are always fun to wear. You’re looking for unique and vintage stuff to make yourself look different.
Find tops with band names on them. The most common ones are ‘Rolling Stones’ and ‘Guns ‘n’ Roses’ t-shirts and they are easy to find, not to mention they look cool.  I live by their stuff, and it’s all affordable. You can also get away with stripy tops or tops with skulls. Both go really well with this image. If you want to be a bit more casual, you can wear baggy long vest tops in a dark colour.
To go with all these tops, the best things are denim. Lots and lots of denim! Skinny jeans, baggy jeans and mini skirts all go with this look, and let’s face it, we all have them. With the denim  shorts/skirt, you could wear it on its own, or with leggings. I think wearing a denim mini skirt, with black heels, leggings and a slightly baggy top will look really cool.


You can get away with wearing any shoes for this look, but there are certain ones if you want to go hardcore. Vans and Converses: They look good with everything. A pair of biker boots is also great. Put them with skinny jeans and a tight top, and voila: cool, casual, sexy and edgy. What also look amazing are heels. Black or red heels really go with this look and you can pair them up with a skirt. The black boots and red heels, so it would be worth going there to get some shoes. 

Here are some pictures have a look.

I dont have really wild and curly hair, which is so this look needs. Usually for this look, hair is black (but
doesn’t have to be) and quite messy. You can also put some great colours and hi lights in it, like red or purple. Or, if you want to go all out, you can dye your hair red or black, or if you’re daring enough, even purple. If you’re looking for hairstyles, you can get it cut quite choppy, kind of like Hayley from Paramore. You can also add a side fringe if you want to. I leave my hair curly and straighten my fringes so that it covers my left eye.
What’s back in fashion is teasing/backcombing your hair. Although not recommended for everyday, teasing can give you just what you need to finish this look. If you have smooth, silky hair, teasing it can make it seem slightly messier. There are some great videos online that explain just how you can tease your hair.

Heavy accessories totally work with this look. Chunky bracelets or thick necklaces work really well. I would avoid necklaces with skulls on them as it might be slightly too overboard. One new trend which I’m loving is lots of bracelets piled up on one arm. All you have to do is randomly put a few bracelets on you arm and you’ve got the look.
The great thing about accessories for this look is that they are very random. You can just wear anything chunky or different and you’ll look the part.

And that’s just how easy it is to pull off the ‘rock chic’ look. It’s easy to follow, as long as you have a few key items. Its everywhere at the moment, but no one person looks the same with this style. Just have fun with it.


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Photography :Abhilasha Tyagi

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