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Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Get expert tips for transforming your look for fall!

1) For the quickest wardrobe update this fall, pair a high-volume top with slim pants.
2) Dare to wear your new ankle boots with bare legs, or perhaps a nice pair of cashmere ankle socks. (Keep them tonal—no prints, please!)
3) Ditch the layered jewelry look and opt for one bold accent.
4) Invest in two luxurious T-shirts in silk-and-cashmere blends (the Row and T by Alexander Wang make excellent versions) to wear beneath fall's voluminous knits.

5) If you choose only one leather piece this season, make it a biker jacket or narrow pants, whichever you'll wear more often. For the jacket, the slouchier the better, so don't be afraid to buy up a size or two.
6) Feel free to give your stilettos a break and try out a lower heel, like the d'Orsay pumps at Proenza Schouler.
7) Fall's looser pants are chic, but they should be paired with the right pieces to avoid overwhelming the silhouette. Two keys to make them work: a slim top that tucks in and heels, not flats.
8) Belt it. This is not the first, or last, time you'll hear this. And if you're going to belt a coat or a blazer, look for one that's one or two sizes larger than normal.
9) Pretty, grown-up makeup complements the season's sophistication. The things that will get you there the fastest? A sweep of black eyeliner and a red lip. Not necessarily worn in tandem.
10) Hair matters too. Soft, loose, touchable waves—a more relaxed Lauren Bacall look, as seen at Hermès—add a feminine nuance to more tailored styles.
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Pictured above: Proenza Schouler, Hermes, Alexander Wang

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