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Wednesday, 10 April 2013


When it comes to fashionable movies, there’s a riches to pick from..!! FASHION  is inextricably linked to the movies, just as it is to music, art and even architecture. Movies often influence the trends on the catwalk, whilst there are those films (SATC anyone??) whose appeal comes in No small part from the amazing clothes worn on set..!! So, if you’re looking for a little cinematic inspiration, here are the FIVE Magnificent Fashionable Movies to inspire your wardrobe..!!

1.     The Devil Wears Prada

The brilliant Meryl Streep, with that glacial stare, gave us quite the insight into the fashion industry with her portrayal of Miranda Priestley, fashion editor extraordinaire - and rumored to be based on the immutable Anna Wintour. Shiver. Whilst the people may have been terrible, the clothes certainly weren't. I like to imagine that's how I'll dress when Vogue realizes what it's missing and hires me.

As mentioned before, SATC deserves an obvious place on this list.The fashion buzz surrounding this film was huge----Bigger than any other movie I can remember during my life time..!! Seriously!!

The Great Gatsby is yet to be released….But it’s already created a catwalk trend, nearly three seasons ago.. That’s quite the IMPACT..!! Judging from the photos from the set, we can look forward to one of the most opulent period dramas in years. Dresses designer by Prada, jewellery by Tiffany….Need I say more???

No list would be complete without Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Audrey Hepburn’s adorable, damaged Holly Golightly standing outside Tiffany’s in her Givenchy black dress, pearls and those huge sunglasses. Her outfit here is quite possibly the most ICONIC in Fashion history….and in regards to inspiring our wardrobe, there are few women who don’t own an LBD..!!! 

I love History..!! So I had to put a little nit more period style in here. For me, Sofia Coppola’s lingering shots of Antoinette’s endless dresses, jewels, shoes, all worn by Kirsten Dunst who encapsulates that kind of coquettish innocence and naivety so well epitomizes the mood of the time… richness and poverty, beauty and waste, and so much hopelessness..!!

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