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Thursday, 25 April 2013


Love letters
Remember them? Long missives, scratched out in a looping hand, baring heart and soul and revealing, as Noah writes to Allie one of those 365 letters  may be they are fictional couple, but Nicholas Sparks is a genius when it comes to composing a goose bumps–worthy love note.

Writing the perfect love letter can be quite a challenge. After all, love is an emotion, and it can be tremendously complicated to perfectly transcribe your emotions into a meaningful set of words. It’s easy to spell out the phrase “I love you”, but those words are relatively hollow without a little contextual substantiation.

Still confused how to write a love letter….

So here is an example for you all…!! To read…feel and learn…!!

Dear A.S,
I´m really missing you. Basically, that´s what this letter is all about. I´m exactly the same, there´s no distance that can make me forget you. I´m the one who loves you more and more and these words are meant to do what my voice whispering in your ear the things I like to say and you like to hear would. I don´t know what else I can do to stop this "craving" to see you and, at the same time, sweeten the bitterness of these slow and long days; I long to be near you again, to hold your hand, to give you a a hug and to tell you, again, how much I love you!
Phone calls are not enough anymore... I miss you being around, I miss seeing your face and the tone of your voice gently touching my ears, instead of hearing it through the long wires.
My love, I want you to know that I can´t get you out of my mind, not even for a minute, be it day or night; my most recurring dreams are the ones that make me feel we are together again and make me think, for a short moment, that the pain of us being apart is finally over!
Yes, I wish the phone would ring again, but this time to let me know that you are coming back, that you are dying to see me and hold me.
I just pray to God that this waiting doesn´t last too much longer!
It seems the time does not pass. The days are too long, the nights too sad when I´m far from you. Your absence is my only evil. You wouldn´t believe the pain I´ve been bearing these days, sometimes I become so anxious no one with me can stand me at all.
When reciprocated, love is what it is, a huge pleasure that enraptures and inebriates, vulgar and refined at the same time. What is hard about love is the distance, but when this separation is temporary as when in an ordinary college trip, the hope of seeing you again soon snaps me out of it and invigorates me. But you are far…!!! All I think about you is when I´ll be hugging and talking fighting with you again, with the same usual love and desire.
I miss you..!!!
I miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you!!


1 Write by hand. It’s a declaration, not a CV.
2 Write as though everything depends on this letter. For all you know, it might.
3 Write only a page, both sides. That way someone will remember it.
4 Write extravagantly; this is no place for doubts.
5 Write well. This is not an email or a tweet.


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