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Saturday, 22 June 2013


Just when winters die out, you realize that jeans are getting tighter, the summer denims you kept saving for the next season are slightly tight, actually more than the slight limit, then you shouldn't worry! Yes you read it right, you Shouldn't, because you Miss Guilty does a lot of research everyone and gets the best finds for all the lovely readers time and again.

This time its turn for D.I.Y Sexy Lace Shorts, It's simpler than ever, better than before, and sexier than the old boring denims.

 All that you need- Denim shorts, Sewing needles/Head Pins, Lace, scissors and threads..!

Step 1- Cut a triangular seem on the shorts.
Step 2- Sew the Lace on the cut seem area or hold the lace using head pins.

Step 3- Ta-da, iron the denim shorts and much comfortable shorts are ready to be used!
Image Source- Pinterest

*just one thing to note here is that, depending on the tightness of the shorts on the legs, cut the seam portion, in case the shorts are extremely tight and difficult for the legs to breathe then keep the seam cut broad, as per your convenience! 

Happy D.I.Ying everyone!


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