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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Tale of a Balloon Seller!!

I have experienced the miracle of reading good stuff in my life. The feeling is so amazing that it is the reading habit only that taught me as well as so many people I know good things in life.I remember how my grand mother used to tell me all those beautiful and lovely stories before getting me and I brother to bed..! And, also in my adverse times, some inspirational and motivational good short stories have given courage to survive the difficult times. They say that those small stories are like treasure for their entire life. So, the idea to share good short readings to Panchtantra readers. And I feel that definitely these stories will help lots of people in different shades of life.

So Friends, here I have a simple and a lovely story for you!And,I will be happy, if this reading will help you in any way. Your comments are always welcome.

 The Tale of a Balloon Seller!!

Once there was a small black boy. Everybody would tease him for his black colour. Even his mother also would curse her fate that she had so ugly looking child. Due to all this, he used to feel very sad, disappointed and lifeless.

One fine day he was standing by his window looking at other children playing in the ground. Then he saw a balloon seller on a street corner. His eyes sparkled as he gazed at all the different coloured balloons - red, blue, white, green, yellow. The colourful balloons in the sky fascinated him so much that he rushed down the ground and stood near the balloon seller for hours.

The old man selling the balloons saw the boy hesitate, then gather his courage and approach. "Tell me mister;" said the boy, "Do the black balloons fly as high as the others?" The old man felt a tear forming in his eye. He picked the boy up, sat him on his knee and said, "Look."

   PHOTOGRAPHY: Divyansh Bhanot

He let go off all the balloons. They drifted up in a cluster, higher and higher into the blue sky, until they were so high they disappeared.

"Did you see that?" the balloon seller asked.

"Yes," said the boy.

"Did the black balloons fly as high as the others?"

"Yes, Mister, they did."

"You see my boy, the balloons are like people. The important thing isn't their color, or what they look like on the outside. Rather, the important thing is what's inside. And what's inside you makes all the difference in life."
The thing inside of us that makes us go up is
Our attitude.

So remember friends  good and positive attitude is key to every approach......!!


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