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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Short? Fat? DOES NOT MATTER! You can look amazing in your MAXI DRESS !

Your Height and Weight does not matter! You can still look amazing in your Maxi dress. 

The maxi dress is always on TREND!
The maxi dress has gone from being hippy chick holiday wear to being a summer staple. 
Let's be honest, ladies love it because you can look like you're embracing fashion without shaving your legs. 

But just because it covers a multitude of sins, it still needs a bit of consideration because there are pitfalls aplenty. 
It might seem like a casual look, but you still need to think about how the dress fits and what underwear you're going to wear with it. 
If your bra straps are going to be on show, make sure they're pretty.
If you've got adjustable straps on the dress, make sure they're taut or put in a stitch or two - to ensure you don't look like you've wandered off a beach. 
But the biggest danger is that by swathing yourself in acres of material you can end up looking like you're wearing a tent. 
Give your body some shape by opting for a style that gives you a defined waist. 
Alternatively, use a belt to cinch things in or add a jacket to give you a more defined silhouette. Finally, team with flats or wedges - spindly shoes.

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