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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Care for your feet this Monsoon!!

Rains and shoes don't go well together! But what most of you need to know is that it is important to look playful, casual and fun when selecting footwear for monsoons. Feet are a vulnerable part of the body, due to repeated wetting and being in packed shoes for long time, fungal infections thrive! To avoid the athlete's feet,i bring to you some playful  flip flops that will make you look trendy yet chic on a soaked day. 

These classy Flip flops you can buy from

These quirky pair of flip flops are fun and add a dash of interest to your feet. Wear it with a nice pair of bright linen pants and let your fete do the talking!

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1.  Marinate your drenched feet for 10 minutes in combination of  lukewarm water, lemon juice and salt to relax and kill bacteria growth
2. Keep your feet moisturized every time you are home
3.  Dust a pinch of baking soda before putting on socks to prevent sweat
4. Apply almond oil to your feet before sleeping
5. Trim nails and apply transparent coat of nail paint to prevent nails from chipping 

Follow the care tips, wear right footwear, and yes don't forget to take a splash in the rains!!!


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