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Monday, 19 August 2013

How to wear strapless like a PRO!

Ask a woman/girl about her comfort level with strapless dresses or tops and nine out of ten times, she would rather go for something with straps for an occasion, be it wedding or clubbing. And, can we really blame them? Those sans-strap enviable pieces of sheer beauty are a *itch to most of us. However, this season the ramps were ruled by strapless dresses. Take a look!!!

So, how do we make them our closet’s BFF‘s? Do they pass the Versatility Test for us? Can we dare add these to our closet this season. We say, yes! Yes, with a few things to keep in mind. Here’s how:

·         If you have skipped the gym for a while, you should skip the idea of wearing a strapless number. You gotcha sweat out crazy to deserve to wear a strapless without attracting heart pinching comments. Defined collar bones – Thumbs Up!

·         Wearing the right undergarment is of utmost importance. You will need more than just good support beneath your dress (we don’t want any spilling). Buy a pair of long-line strapless bra, they provide more support while giving proper shape to your body.

·         Perfect Fit is the key! Too tight or too loose can be a deal-breaker. While trial, ensure by sitting down that the stitches near the waistline do not make the fit too tight. You don’t want to carry horizontal creases across your tummy for the rest of the evening.

·         Since in a strapless dress, the neck, shoulder, back and hands are bare, there’s a huge opportunity for accessorizing. Go experimental! However, I prefer the strapless dresses without any chunky OTT jewellery. It’s more sexy that way.

·         When it comes to reaching for your shoes, remember to reach for heels, EVERYTIME. They help to keep your posture correct. Go for sling backs, peep toes, stilletoes! 

That’s all for now! Hope I was able to take you atleast one step further on your way to saying
 Yes to a Strapless dress!!

Stay Stylish!

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