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Saturday, 17 August 2013


When it comes to Designer sarees, Masaba is the new Satyapaul. She has caught all the style-conscious, fashion-forward crowd by their nerves. Our own Tinsel Bolly town is swarming with starlets & divas donning Masaba Gupta Sarees. From Shilpa to Soha to Mandira & many more. There is hardly an event that goes without capturing a Masaba Gupta wearer.

In fact, I decided to research to see who is that one superstar who can endorse this label without any compensation (The sarees are reward enough in themselves, not-to-mention the thousands of eyes that follow you & the paparazzi flashes). And the winner is…none other than Sonam Kapoor. This lady’s got style & she’s got a knack for picking out just the right piece that will have a mass-effect!!!

Look how carefully she chooses her carefree urban woman saree avatar & carries so beautifully.  If you like this look, you can now get it too.

Think Pop colours, Quirky Prints, Mix-n-Match & Contrast played like no one else can. Pick your Masaba Saree now. Every woman’s wardrobe needs one. After all, there is only one life, Indulge Yourself!

Happy Shopping!

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