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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

12 stupid things people tell you when you are thin!!

12 stupid things people tell you when you are thin.

In all these lean years (no pun intended, I’ve had an eventful life) I’ve realized something of deep value.
If by some genetic lottery you happen to be unchangeably thin (which is incredibly awesome), you have unknowingly subscribed for an onslaught of absurd, astounding, hilarious, and absolutely ridiculous remarks by sometimes very random people.
While I wonder what exactly is wrong with being slim, (if you exercise well, and eat healthy), people have their own set of funny ideas about it.
Here are 12 super stupid things people tell you/ ask you when you are thin:
1)     Don’t you eat anything?
Actually I was waiting for the food security Bill to be passed.
2)     Arre, You have lost weight!
Yes! I lose a Kg every time I meet you. Spot on!
3)     What is your weight, 30kg?
No actually it’s 28, rest is my clothes and shoes.
4)     You go to the gym?? But why? You don’t need it!!
Oh so you haven’t gotten over all the fat people running on treadmills in those Asian Sky shop ads? Sigh..
5)     Are you anorexic?
Uh, Dictionary?
6)     How can you eat so much! You are thin!
Actually I have Multiple Personality Disorder, and my alter ego is an eight year old fat kid who’s always hungry. *closes eyes and jerks* Can I have a Double Cheese Pizza, Double Decker Burger and a Double Chocolate Milkshake please?
7)     Ek foonk marunga/marungi, udh jaegi.. hehe
I know Jajantaram Mamantaram had a deep impact on your brains as a kid, but in reality you don’t go around blowing people away.
8)     Why are ‘you’ taking the stairs? Isn’t the lift working?
Oh I was just counting the number of steps. Good to revise numbers no?
9)     You can fit anywhere.
I know right! I’m totally a Lego block.
10)     You will put on weight when you have a kid.
All my life I thought this was true for all women!
11)     You are so lucky, you can eat ‘whatever’ you want!
Exactly! I had tried chalk, mud and toothpaste as a kid. And guess what, I’m still thin.
12)     Do you buy your clothes and shoes from the kids section?
Absolutely, did you miss the Lilliput tag on my tee?

I hope you loved it! Just the way I did!
Working on some new posts!

Till then Stay Chic!

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