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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Somebody Told me...!

Hello People!
This semester is going too crazy but I'm loving it! :D
But here I've got you another Most Essential Piece of Fashion!

The blazer is one of the most essential pieces of  every wardrobe. Descended from greatness, it’s a great piece of clothing that all too often gets relegated to the back of the closet as ‘too dressy’. However, it’s not as if you need to constantly be wearing a full suit to be able to make a blazer work for you.
Blazer could be one of must have fashion item for most women. Understandably, only with onewomens blazer, they can change their look in various styles. No wonder that the fashion world was putting a womens blazer as a fashion item that continues to grow.
Although often identified as one of fashion items, one of fashion designer in the world acknowledge that womens blazer is also synonymous with stiff impression. Many women who only use the blazer when meeting with a client or other official meetings, said one fashion designer.
In fact, the blazer for women was not necessarily combined with blouse, or skirts. Blazer for women also be paired with skinny jeans, leggings or casual skirts and even skirts jeans.

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