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Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Classic WHITE SHIRT!

Got a wardrobe dilemma? Nothing saves the day quicker than this simple closet essential.
More than any other garment,white shirt is emlematic of a pure practical aesthetic. There's something simultaneously business like and fresh about a women in one; everyone from ingenue to cougar can look amazing in a white shirt,and there's a uniqueky flattering cut for every shape and sense of style. No longer just a 9-5 worseday basic (white collar job),it reappears season after season,reinterpreted with variations in collar shape,sleeve length,fabric and embellishment.

Comme des garcons

If I had to choose just one designer who makes the best white shirt,rei kawakubo would undoubtedly be it. Her flawless menswear-inspired pieces are crisp and handsome,with winsome peter pan collars!!

Photography: RajKumari

Suspenders have hit the scene in a huge way, making their way from menswear to women's wear. No longer do suspenders have the sole purpose of holding up men's trousers. They now have another use -- adding style! With menswear and business suiting attire such as slacks, button-down shirts and blazers playing in the realm of women's clothing, it's not a surprise suspenders have become a fun accessory. Suspenders can add spunk as well as class to most anything they are paired with.
So here is the look.. a classic white shirt,boyfriend jeans,suspenders, wayfare, hat and Voila!

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