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Friday, 30 August 2013



Finally the post is complete! And m so excited about it!!!!

This is my first post with traditional wear! Actually I would call it semi traditional! Coz of the kurti (plus) I wanted to show off this fantastic neck piece my mother got it for me! And I just really love it!

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures!!
Photography by: Abhilasha Tyagi

Stay tuned for more!


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Thursday, 29 August 2013

New post Comming soooon!!!

Hello! People!

Working on a new post! Very Excited! Stay Tuned for more!!


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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Unworn clothes
Consumers in the United Kingdom have an estimated £30 billion, or $46.7 billion, worth of unworn clothes lingering in their closets. Just think of the tax write-offs you could get if you did a little closet digging!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Hello people!
I’m sorry was very busy these days with this weaving we have to do now and all the college stuff!  You all know how it is! :)
Today! All I want to is tell you about this amazing online shopping website! Ozel 
With such fabulous stuff! I’m dying to buy!

We can say the clothes are the second skin of any human being which gives the outlook of a personality in the way they want to represent themselves. Clothes mostly have the common facial appearance but what makes one look different from another is the way one dresses.  Different types of short dresses are available and these short dresses will improve your charm, and place you into that perfect party atmosphere. 

I will suggest you to must try! Ozel India provides long dress; you can buy long dresses with beautiful accessories that are made up of stone. Long dresses also make a good style statement. 

You can either go for long dresses which has bold side strap are also look elegant or you could even choose printed long dress.

And if you feel cautious buying the strapless my posts will definitely help you in how to wear it like a PRO!!!

After you shop!

Do tell me about the experience!

Stay stylish!

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Monday, 26 August 2013

The Corporate Look with Arjun Rampal!

Apart from the fact that the movie, Inkaar, is about urban office politics and relationships, what totally made my watch worthwhile was the gradual transformation of Chitrangada Singh from college to corporate chic and Arjun Rampal’s effortless way to suave and style. I was smitten by the male protagonist’s corporate fashion and his effortless way of carrying his semi formal (at times) and formal style. I am pretty sure a lot of you would love to inculcate some of that to your personal style and wardrobe. Women, why don’t you suggest some of these tips to your man. So, here it goes, your way to a chic corporate look -

Instead of buying a thousand unique styles, I always suggest everyone to buy classic pieces. Investing in a classic piece would mean, you get yourself a style that is not leaving the fashion place for a long time, and you end up saving a lot of money in the long run; probably that’s why we call such fashion “timeless”.

What all to invest in?

1. Get A Crisp White Shirt: If you ask me, a white shirt is one of the most versatile pieces in a man’s wardrobe. Depending on what you pair it with, it’s purpose changes, from corporate to formal gathering. You can also go for other basic colors like black, light blue and grey.

2. Tailored Blazers: Like I said earlier, it’s always better to invest in classic pieces than spend your hard earned money on styles that promise no guarantee to last. Blazers in shades of grey and black go well with almost any color of shirt.

3. Formal Shoes: Pick up a pair of finely tailored Oxford cut formal shoes, and you will never repent your buy.

In addition to these classic pieces, you can also buy a pair of semi-formal denims (without any tear and wear, save those for your wild boy’s night outs) and formal trousers to complete the look. Leave the tie behind and pick up a pair of dark colored wayfarers to look one step closer to Arjun Rampal.
 Go and grab some amazing deals on Men’s clothing and get yourself and your wardrobe an update on style!!!

Till then stay tuned for more!

Monday, 19 August 2013

How to wear strapless like a PRO!

Ask a woman/girl about her comfort level with strapless dresses or tops and nine out of ten times, she would rather go for something with straps for an occasion, be it wedding or clubbing. And, can we really blame them? Those sans-strap enviable pieces of sheer beauty are a *itch to most of us. However, this season the ramps were ruled by strapless dresses. Take a look!!!

So, how do we make them our closet’s BFF‘s? Do they pass the Versatility Test for us? Can we dare add these to our closet this season. We say, yes! Yes, with a few things to keep in mind. Here’s how:

·         If you have skipped the gym for a while, you should skip the idea of wearing a strapless number. You gotcha sweat out crazy to deserve to wear a strapless without attracting heart pinching comments. Defined collar bones – Thumbs Up!

·         Wearing the right undergarment is of utmost importance. You will need more than just good support beneath your dress (we don’t want any spilling). Buy a pair of long-line strapless bra, they provide more support while giving proper shape to your body.

·         Perfect Fit is the key! Too tight or too loose can be a deal-breaker. While trial, ensure by sitting down that the stitches near the waistline do not make the fit too tight. You don’t want to carry horizontal creases across your tummy for the rest of the evening.

·         Since in a strapless dress, the neck, shoulder, back and hands are bare, there’s a huge opportunity for accessorizing. Go experimental! However, I prefer the strapless dresses without any chunky OTT jewellery. It’s more sexy that way.

·         When it comes to reaching for your shoes, remember to reach for heels, EVERYTIME. They help to keep your posture correct. Go for sling backs, peep toes, stilletoes! 

That’s all for now! Hope I was able to take you atleast one step further on your way to saying
 Yes to a Strapless dress!!

Stay Stylish!

Saturday, 17 August 2013


Short hair = Unfaithful Wife

It seems pretty ordinary if we spot ladies, teens and kids nowadays with short hair. It’s of no big deal. However long time ago, once you sport a short hair, it only means one thing. You are an unfaithful wife.


When it comes to Designer sarees, Masaba is the new Satyapaul. She has caught all the style-conscious, fashion-forward crowd by their nerves. Our own Tinsel Bolly town is swarming with starlets & divas donning Masaba Gupta Sarees. From Shilpa to Soha to Mandira & many more. There is hardly an event that goes without capturing a Masaba Gupta wearer.

In fact, I decided to research to see who is that one superstar who can endorse this label without any compensation (The sarees are reward enough in themselves, not-to-mention the thousands of eyes that follow you & the paparazzi flashes). And the winner is…none other than Sonam Kapoor. This lady’s got style & she’s got a knack for picking out just the right piece that will have a mass-effect!!!

Look how carefully she chooses her carefree urban woman saree avatar & carries so beautifully.  If you like this look, you can now get it too.

Think Pop colours, Quirky Prints, Mix-n-Match & Contrast played like no one else can. Pick your Masaba Saree now. Every woman’s wardrobe needs one. After all, there is only one life, Indulge Yourself!

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Care for your feet this Monsoon!!

Rains and shoes don't go well together! But what most of you need to know is that it is important to look playful, casual and fun when selecting footwear for monsoons. Feet are a vulnerable part of the body, due to repeated wetting and being in packed shoes for long time, fungal infections thrive! To avoid the athlete's feet,i bring to you some playful  flip flops that will make you look trendy yet chic on a soaked day. 

These classy Flip flops you can buy from

These quirky pair of flip flops are fun and add a dash of interest to your feet. Wear it with a nice pair of bright linen pants and let your fete do the talking!

 Just for Rs. 160/-  Available on Hurry!!

1.  Marinate your drenched feet for 10 minutes in combination of  lukewarm water, lemon juice and salt to relax and kill bacteria growth
2. Keep your feet moisturized every time you are home
3.  Dust a pinch of baking soda before putting on socks to prevent sweat
4. Apply almond oil to your feet before sleeping
5. Trim nails and apply transparent coat of nail paint to prevent nails from chipping 

Follow the care tips, wear right footwear, and yes don't forget to take a splash in the rains!!!


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

5 shoes every guy should own!!

There are majorly two types of men, those who care for what they wear everyday, others who give a damn. For both the kinds, there’s one thing that remains constant – the minimum 5 pairs of shoes every guy should own! And, this is not about being fashionable (only), it’s about your necessity. So, do ensure that your shoes-closet has at least these 5 pairs in place. Plus, the much required fashion quotient comes free with this possession.

Don’t have all the 5 pairs yet? Rush to shop right away to hunt for the missing pairs! Women, if your guy doesn’t care about it, it’s your responsibility to ensure he has all these 5 pairs. He’s gonna thank you later!!

Stay tuned for more!!

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Jump into Jumpsuits!

In a sea of couture gowns, dramatic dresses and LBDs, a waft of fresh and innovative air is sought. Jumpsuits bring a playful vibe to the personality. A refreshing pantsuit always steals the spotlight, no matter how many luxurious gowns and abstract couture gowns are you encircled by. For someone who stands oblivious to the discernible line between femininity and masculinity, this piece of fashion garment is a must possess. Try opting for a playful jumpsuit and you will stand out in the pool of homogeneous with a nice sling bag,little red in your hair and a nice and comfy pair of flats int these monsoons!

CONCEPT: Disha Bhanot
MODEL: Anugya Saxena


Stay tuned for more!!!



Friday, 2 August 2013

GET THE LOOK - Nina Dobrev

The petite brunette Nina Dobrev shot to fame with the CW television series, The Vampire Diaries, giving fashion industry a new and interesting muse to ponder upon. From modeling to commercials, tv shows to red carpets, she has done it all and now her fashion ease is stealing the show everywhere. Read through as we take a look at some of her amazing outfits.

Red blackout
The vampire diaries’ star unleashes her inner vamp in this hot red top. She slips into an edgy leather jacket and completes the look with black ankle boots. This look is perfect for a day out with girls or running errands.

Nina has a very versatile sense of style and she seems to have a lot of fun with fashion these days. She picks up a white shirt for that perfect casual look. She pairs it up with royal blue colored denims which make for a voguish display.

Sheer play
Nina always looks neat and chic in her red carpet appearances leaving everyone obsessed and craving for more. A white little dress perfectly accentuates her petite silhouette.  She adds a pop of color with her ever so cool blue box clutch. She finishes off her look with pretty silver peep-toes.

Flying in flowers
Love her laid-back airport look, with super girly printed skirt and a cool black camisole - this look spells comfort chic. She finishes the look with a dainty necklace and a nude sling bag. But sunnies inside the terminal, really!

Down to red

Nina looks dashing as she paints the town red in this cute little red dress. This look is perfect for a lunch date or a quick meeting off the street. A nude colored blazer adds the necessary formal and elegant touch to the outfit. She completes the look with nude flats matching the blazer and a black satchel bag. 

Love her! 

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