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Wednesday 30 October 2013

New on blog! Coming soon!

New on blog! Coming soon!!

Stay tuned for more amazing posts!
Till then Stay Chic

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Photography:Abhilasha Tyagi

Monday 28 October 2013


Early morning I log onto Pinterest and a beautiful swing coat from Michael Kors’ SS13 collectioncatches my attention. The MK robust houndstooth was monochrome and blown up to giant proportions on a chic ’60s coat. And, I went Houndstooth Hunting  straight till lunch time. 

Houndstooth, also known as dog tooth pattern, has been every Designer’s classic favourite. It is a duo-tone textile pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes, often in black and white, although other colours are used. No matter what season it is, or what trends ruled the ramps last time, houndstooth print is a must-have for your wardrobe and you can swear by it all year round. And, this print is so adaptable that you can embrace it not just through your wardrobe but more than that. Scroll down to know what I mean.
1. Layer up chic in a houndstooth jacket or go sensuously elite in a laced up shirt: 

2. Accessorize Hound-Style:

3. Play With Trendy Separates:

4. Think Handbags, Clutches, Sling Bags and even Luggages

5. Pumps, Bikini Or Boots?


Stay stylish!!

Photographs various sources mostly Pinterest.

Monday 21 October 2013


Cobalt blue is a hot trending color straight off the catwalks for Autumn/Winter 2013.

While it’s great to follow the “in season” trending colors, sometimes it’s not all that practical to follow those trending colors because it is not a wardrobe practical color.
For example, take the neon trend. We love neon colors. But for some, this color just is not a versatile or practical color to combine in with their other color preferences and wear.  Further, that would explain why neutral colors have most people prefer and pick neutral colors to their wardrobe pieces for it’s versatility to look perfectly polished and chic with any other piece, regardless of season or weather.
With the cooler upcoming months, many of us would be pulling out the darker colors of mostly blacks and greys. The days are slowly losing it’s vibrancy and warmth so why should we let our outfit be as gloomy and dark?
That’s why this Autumn/Winter’s hot trending color – cobalt blue is a hot pick for your winter wardrobe.
Cobalt blue is another description for electric blue.
Rather than being bold for the season, cobalt blue will take you from one season to another. It looks great when teamed with blacks, whites, greys and metallic accents and detailing.
You can wear it as a whole outfit or if you’re more on the conservative side with color, wear it in small doses by mixing it in print patterns. Alternatively, pick cobalt blue accessories to add a bright pop of chic color to your outfit.
What’s more, cobalt blue is a color that can be worn by women of any age without having to regarding the suitability of their age against the shade to wear it.
Cobalt blue is the perfect mix of trendy and sophistication for any season, any weather and any occasion.
So to ensure you maximize the chic appeal of cobalt blue follow these simple tips to nailing the color and your look.
And don't u get bored with these pants coz I have for you around 3 to 4 looks already planned and so excited about it! ;)


How to wear cobalt blue: Don’t go head to toe cobalt blue. That’s just tacky. Instead break it up with complimentary colors to the shade such as nudes, beige's  gold, silvers, whites and blacks. So if you’re wearing a cobalt color dress, don’t match your handbag or shoes to the dress but rather compliment it with a pair of patent nude pumps or gold accessories.
  • Avoid dark colors such as browns or teal that will offset or distract the stunning hue of cobalt blue.
  • Compliment the cobalt blue by teaming gold or silver accesories with your cobalt blue dress. Or you an try a black statement necklace or earrings with your cobalt blue dress for a classic chic look.

Stay tuned for more amazing posts!
Till then Stay Chic

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Photography:Abhilasha Tyagi

Tuesday 15 October 2013


Fashion plays a huge role in the lives of many. Other people's first impressions of you typically include your appearance as well as your personality and professionalism. In order to carry yourself well all year long, it's important to understand fashion etiquette. One of the most widely discussed fashion issues is white pants, skirts, shoes and bags. Read on to discover the new etiquette for white pants.


  • You've more than likely heard the "rule" that white pants are only to be worn after Memorial Day and never after Labor Day. While some people still follow that fashion rule, it's not as widely practiced anymore. Because of the variety of shades of white and the many fabrics that are used in clothing today, wearing white can be done year-round.


  • Another rule pertaining to white pants etiquette used to be avoid white pants unless you were model thin. Whether you are a full-figured lady or model thin, there is a style of white pants that will look good on you. One rule for everyone when shopping for a pair of white pants is to go up one size if you are between sizes. Pants that are too small, especially in white, cause the wearer to look lumpy, sloppy and larger than she is.
    Do not wear pleated pants; they add to your width and are not flattering on any body type. Instead, opt for a pair of wide-legged pants featuring a flat front. This tends to leave the wearer looking sleek and pulled together, and works for any body type. For slimmer women, a pair of skinny jeans in white works well.
    White pants etiquette also pertains to underclothes. Poor taste is exhibited if you wear a nice pair of white pants with visible panty lines. Opt for a thong panty in nude or white if the pants are even slightly sheer. Undergarments should never be visible.

Concept: Disha Bhanot

Model: Abhilasha Tyagi

Stay tuned for more!

Friday 11 October 2013


Hello! People!
Today I have got you a bonanza of fashion trends!
Double Denim.....Suspenders....Backpacks! :D


No, it doesn't have to look like you're off to the rodeo. "The trick is to mix fabric weights and washes.Try a light chambray shirt with dark denim shorts/dark jeans skinny, and layer with a fitted denim vest. Inject some glam with a pair of towering heels or keep it cool and chic with your favorite sneakers!!

And Voila!


I hope you remember my older post on suspenders! How you can just change your whole attire with this smart piece!


From nerdy fashion accessories to acceptable even on the red carpet by the likes of director/producer Kiran Rao, glasses have come a long way.
And while every celebrity prefers a different style, shape, even colour, they all have one thing in common -- the bigger the better. Preferring function over fashion are stars like Kiran Rao. Rao chooses classic slim frames that don't aim to stand out as nerdy-chic but are a part of her personality. 
4 pro tips to creating a spectacle
1. Hide an under-eye situation
Wear smaller frames if you suffer from puffiness under the eyes, advises Harvey Moscot of Moscot Eyewear. "The bottom of the rim will cover dark circles and fine lines."
2. Make sure your make-up is flawless
"Lenses can magnify the eye area and draw attention to bloopers," warns make-up artiste Jo Strettell.
3. Don't let glasses and make-up compete
Wear simple frames with bold eyes and vice versa. And "curl your lashes so that they don't hit the lenses," suggests Strettell.
4. Keep your brows in mind
"Thick rims with thick eyebrows is too much going on," says Moscot.


The best news we've heard all season? Backpacks aren't just for back-to-school anymore. Whether on one shoulder or two, stuffed to the brim or slouchy and spare, the backpack is well… back! With a perfect blend of flare and function the backpack has come a long way from the kind you had in high school. The new versions have all the trappings of grown-up add-ons making them sophisticated and sassy. Shop every style at every budget right now and be prepared for your back to thanks you:

Does the backpack make your fashion honor roll? Or were you over it the moment you stepped out of high school????
Do share your views with me!
Till then stay stylish..!!

Photography: Abhilasha Tyagi
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Wednesday 9 October 2013

New post COMING SOON!!

Working on a new post!

Stay Tuned for more!


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Look of the day!

Hello people!!!
It’s time to re-think polka dots from your childhood days, now that they've been given a grown up cast via with sexy silhouettes and textures. The runways were awash in dots of all shapes, sizes and textures. Take a cue from Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs or Anamika Khanna and incorporate this whimsical print for a quick Fall wardrobe update.
For a casual look polka dots sheer top tucked into well fitted denims and belt it out for a proper chic look!
Goes well!

Stay tuned for more amazing posts!
Till then Stay Chic

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Model: Aradhana Sinha
Photography:Abhilasha Tyagi
Concept: Disha Bhanot

Sunday 6 October 2013


Hi people!
I hope you remember the last post about the 7 most SURPRISING fashion trends you probably didn't know about!!
TEXTURED NAIL art look glamorous. A combination of classy and chic , TEXTURED nail will give you a rich look. It will go with every look , be it formal or informal it will be a accurate pick for your nails to go with. Velvet nail art can be done multiple colors, to go with the trend you can go with neon shades like orange, blue, red and many more.
I have got a lot of questions from my readers about How to do the textured nails...!!

 So here's what I have for you!
Just have a look! 

Take a velvet paper sheet & smoothly scratch the velvet flakes.
Collect the velvet flakes in a bowl.
Apply base coat on nails.
Now,apply the velvet flakes colored nail paint on finger.
Quickly, pick the velvet flakes and start pasting it lightly over all wet painted fingers.
Once it's very well & thoroughly applied, remove the extra or left out flakes.
Now,with a round & flat mouth nail art stick, lightly press the flakes on nail paint. Don't press it too hard.
Top coat is not required, as natural velvety feel is more in fashion.


Try this!
Stay stylish!



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