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Wednesday 30 July 2014

Take me to the other side of life....

And finally it's a breathe easy phase for me now, and I am much relaxed,the show is over and it was spectacular!. My hectic schedule has come to an end as I am done with the internship, so you guys won't find me all grumpy and complaining about the same anymore! :)College is about to start and  I have new things to learn and also I have decided to enjoy this semester even more as I have only a few months to go before this joyous college life gets over. I have decided to do things that make me happy, and live my life to the fullest, without fretting and worrying about things. And while I write this, I am tensed about the pending projects I need to complete. Okay, I need to try harder! :P, and I already know that I am going to miss everything about it. Haven't slept properly since ages, but then somehow I have fallen in love with my hectic routine. Waking up early morning, taking the metro, seeing the same faces everyday, a silent acknowledgement, and there is much more which I shall talk about in the 'Internship Farewell' post.

And here are a few things that have become an essential part of my routine nowadays.

Outfit post for you!!

Simple yet classy!!
Any one can try this with a blackurta and white patiala and duppata.
For my love for black metal bangles and jhumkas! :)

 Photography: Abhishek Singh

                                                                             Till then 
                                                                           Stay Chic

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Monday 28 July 2014

ASKME “The Bapp of all Apps” Android App Review


There are lot of apps today for all the queries we have or when we’re looking out for some places or deals and offers. The AskMe app is one of them and its developers Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. claim it to be the ‘Bapp of all Apps’. That’s a pretty bold claim, to be honest. For all you non-Hindi readers out there, the aforementioned tagline means, ‘the Daddy of all Apps’.
AskMe App review

The AskMe app is said to be the ‘All in 1′ app for people searching for places to shop,eat and people looking out for merchants and listings, classified ads, best deals and more. You can ask anything on askme and it will just provides the related results over which at least one will suit you perfectly. The App has a very good feature through which you can just add the reviews, media, photos and also much more like an information regarding your favorite topic or whatever you say.
It could truly be the all in one app, as you don’t have to juggle between different apps for queries, best deals and more
Well, let’s check out if the app manages to live up to all those claims

ASKME Android App is easily downloadable on your smartphone handset and hence you can relish a seamless and unflustered search of places to drink, eat, recreate, play or even shop for furniture’s seeing the best store in your nearby market.

User Interface and Working

Every time you open the AskMe app, you’ll be greeted by Ranbir Kapoor and if you’re a fan of him, that’s going to be great for you.
The main screen of the app presents you with the local search option. There’s the I’m looking forspace with the locality you want to search in and the city you are in below. The app will detect your city if you have GPS turned out or you can select your city manually. Once you enter a new search, you will be shown off the results near your locality. Sadly, the results aren’t really accurate each time.
You can also spend time reading reviews from locals or communities in your society and be in touch with the local happenings through the ASKME Android App.
Apart from the interesting features provided by ASKME Android app there are numerous useful uses of it. It enables you to look for jobs and businesses in the locality and society. It also gives you a hint of the enticing deals in market that can prove beneficial for your business.
The App is indeed fruitful as it comes compact in your pocket sized smartphone and is completely free. Don’t just read and expand your knowledge and share it with everyone acquainted with the App. Share your favorite business with all your friends via social sharing space like Facebook and Twitter or even shoot a message or email.
Business and jobs are the prime attractions of the app but it is propelled with information about other interesting things in life. Know about the nearest spa or filing meals and food outlets in the city using your ASKME Android app. The smooth and easy interface provided by this alluring App helps you to access all the information easily.
This highly useful app runs on an easy user interface and is easily downloadable from theGoogle Play Store. It is completely free and is being promoted by the Bollywood superstar Ranbir Kapoor. It aims to offer an elite and cozy Android experience by delivering informative updates blended with novice features and notable functionality.
SO what are you waiting for? Download this useful app as quickly as possible with a few minutes from the Google Play Store and ease your search for entertainments places and workplace.

Try it!
Till then stay chic!

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