Most cliches about an introvert would have us believe that they’re antisocial people who stand alone in a corner at a party and have no life. Well, they’re wrong! An introvert can have a buzzing social life – the only difference is that their social life is filled with things that they actually enjoy. But there are certain challenges that come with being an introvert. People assume you’re just shy and talk to you like you’re a child to be coaxed, girls you meet for the first time often mistake your quietness for snootiness, and guys are always accusing you of having ‘attitude’ – even though you just don’t want to share your thoughts and details about your life with absolute strangers! So, today, we give you the perks of being an introvert – so that people get to know you just a tiny little bit better. You’re awesome, and you know it! (Though you’d never, ever say it :)
1. The thought of spending a day alone at home with just you and your thoughts excites you. You take pleasure in your own company, and you’re never lonely.
2. Being the quiet sort makes you one of the best listeners around. Your friends don’t realize how lucky they are!
3. The thought of making a presentation in front of your office or going to a karaoke bar can make you nervy. But guess what? You have the most well-thought-out presentations, and no one knows the lyrics to those numbers like you do.
4. You’re perfectly happy spending the weekend catching up on books and movies. People think you’re missing out, but you know the truth – you’re relaxed and well-rested and totally ready to take on the world come Monday.
5. When you go to parties and hang out with your group of friends, people think you’re being unsocial. You’re not – you’re observing, and you’ll engage with the new folks you meet only if they’re interesting and worth your time.

6. Puzzles and crosswords can absorb you for hours. Higher brain activity, folks, higher brain activity. For all the fidgety, restless chatterboxes around, you have one word: Booyah!
7. Your best friend/significant other constantly encourages you to have more fun and to not take life so seriously. You know what that secretly means – they’re soon going to come up with something pretty darn amazing to pamper you!
8. You’re used to people asking if you’re all right when you’re quiet for a long time. It’s irritating sometimes, but it mostly means you’ve surrounded yourself with people who actually care about you.
9. You sometimes pretend to be doing something on your phone or pop in your earphones to avoid suffering through random gossip. People think it’s weird – you think it’s utterly strange that they haven’t realized the value of cutting out the noise.
10. You’re almost always the first person ready to leave a party and you get accused of leaving too early. But it’s not too early, it’s exactly the right time – you inevitably hear of the utterly bizarre stuff that went down after your departure. And hearing dramatic stories is way better than being part of them.
11. Small talk and polite conversations that mean nothing? They exhaust you. You’d rather zone out – and have a fabulous little vacay in your mind instead!
12. Thanks to your reputation for being close-mouthed, people confess the most interesting things to you! You know everyone’s secrets. :P
13. Since you listen more than you talk, you actually catch all the nuances of a conversation. You’re super at reading between the lines, and make the best decisions in any situation.
14. It may take you a while to open up to people, but once you trust them enough, you’re like an open book to those lucky few.
15. You hate being forced to talk to random people by your family and friends at social gatherings. But when you do oblige, the other person is usually impressed by how attentive you are!
gif 13
16. You may be quiet on the outside, but there is a constant monologue going on in your mind all the time. You have a rich inner life – now, if only your finances would match up! ;)
17. You don’t talk much, sure. But communication – wherein you actually convey your thoughts and feelings to people with carefully chosen words – is something you’re past master of.
18. You have a keen eye for detail and observe things that other people may not since they’re too busy chattering and drawing attention to themselves.
19. You may not love hanging out in large groups, but your loved ones love hanging out with you because when you’re in your own element you’re totally awesome.
20. You don’t make new friends too easily, but the ones you have you cherish. No one is as fantastic as you are at keeping those bonds stronger than ever over the years.

So what do you think about it! We would love to hear your response!

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