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Tuesday 31 December 2013

Recap of my LOOKS for 2013 !


As we come to the end of this fabulous year I would like to wish all my lovely readers a very Happy New Year and a wonderful year ahead. This year was especially super special for me because my blog FASHION STYLE AND WE was born and I have loved every moment of blogging, learning so much, giving my passion it's perfect outlet and trying out the new looks.
   So today I decided to showcase a recap of some of my favorite Outfit Posts. It is pretty much known to you now that I do love colours and accessorizing well in most of my looks. I hope you enjoy the recap and I'm sure you have your favorite picks too,do let me know and if there is anything different you would like me to showcase in my looks for the coming year. Happy Holidays!

Which one is your favorite LOOK and do give me outfit suggestions, you would like to see me in for the New Year ! 


Sunday 29 December 2013



Here's a thing with fashion it changes all the time.So I wasn't surprised when DENIM suddenly became the most coolest thing since slice of bread. Whether your shooting the breeze with your boys or attending a rock gig, a straight legged version will keep you comfortable not to mention eliminate the problem of spoiled hem. Add a dash of polish to what's essentially a casual look with leather boat shoes,gladiators,but avoid run down trainers.
Double denim is back and bigger than ever. But is the tricky trend still a fashion crime?

  • Break up the heaviness of the look with something light and feminine: the strap of a fabulous cross-body bag, a gorgeous pair of drop earrings, or a sexy lace bra strap or wear the shirt open with an extra button undone to show off a bit more skin or a glimpse of a pretty lace camisole
  • Roll up your sleeves and bare wrists with a bracelet or two, or a statement cocktail ring
  • No cowboy boots PLEASE! Keep feet semi-naked in ballet pumps or a pretty flat sandals
  • If you opt for a more tailored dark denim, pair of slim leg jeans then of course wear some sexy heels 
  • If you must wear a belt do so, but its best to wear without to project a certain insouciance
  • If you choose to contrast the colours, a darker-hued denim worn on the bottom half will be more slimming.
  • Beware wearing a too-pale chambray shirt as you will appear too washed out – unless, of course, you are blessed with a wonderful olive complexion.
              Stay tuned for more amazing posts!

                       Till then Stay Chic!

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Concept : Disha Bhanot
Photography: Rajkumari

Friday 27 December 2013


Whats on-trend, anyone can do it and its free?

If it's good enough for Marilyn it's good enough for EVERYONE. Source: Pinterest

IT is well known that most fashion trends filter up from the street. Designers pick up on the idea or concept, work it, refine it and then send it down the runway. Then the fashion press convey that message to their readers, convincing us all that to be on-trend we “must have this or just gotta have that.

But one of the biggest trends to emerge from the shows this season wont cost you a thing. And the fashion editors are to thank for that. After several designers sent models down the runway wearing coats across their shoulders, those front-row fashionistas embraced the look immediately.

On the street during Paris Fashion Week A/W 2013. Pictures: Pinterest
It’s as simple as draping your coat or jacket across your shoulders. Italso good for you as it forces you to stand properly, with your shoulders back.  But best of all – it's free.

An instant style updater, yes. But it’s not new. It’s been around for years – Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn have all it done it with their coats and cardigans. That’s all I need, and so do you.

Stay tuned for more posts!
Till then
Stay CHIC!

Tuesday 24 December 2013


Hi People!
Here is the new post for you!
Hope you enjoy! :)

                 Stay tuned for more amazing posts!
                       Till then Stay Chic!



Tuesday 17 December 2013


Hello! People
Just a quick post...!
I'm sorry just stuck with these jury's and exams!
We'll I'm very excited to go home and feel some winters there!
I am literally so tired of these summers,
Im serious!
Well its too much talking for now!
So here are the pictures...
Hope you enjoy them!

                Stay tuned for more amazing posts!
                       Till then Stay Chic!

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Concept : Disha Bhanot

Wednesday 11 December 2013


Get expert tips for transforming your look for fall!

1) For the quickest wardrobe update this fall, pair a high-volume top with slim pants.
2) Dare to wear your new ankle boots with bare legs, or perhaps a nice pair of cashmere ankle socks. (Keep them tonal—no prints, please!)
3) Ditch the layered jewelry look and opt for one bold accent.
4) Invest in two luxurious T-shirts in silk-and-cashmere blends (the Row and T by Alexander Wang make excellent versions) to wear beneath fall's voluminous knits.

5) If you choose only one leather piece this season, make it a biker jacket or narrow pants, whichever you'll wear more often. For the jacket, the slouchier the better, so don't be afraid to buy up a size or two.
6) Feel free to give your stilettos a break and try out a lower heel, like the d'Orsay pumps at Proenza Schouler.
7) Fall's looser pants are chic, but they should be paired with the right pieces to avoid overwhelming the silhouette. Two keys to make them work: a slim top that tucks in and heels, not flats.
8) Belt it. This is not the first, or last, time you'll hear this. And if you're going to belt a coat or a blazer, look for one that's one or two sizes larger than normal.
9) Pretty, grown-up makeup complements the season's sophistication. The things that will get you there the fastest? A sweep of black eyeliner and a red lip. Not necessarily worn in tandem.
10) Hair matters too. Soft, loose, touchable waves—a more relaxed Lauren Bacall look, as seen at Herm├Ęs—add a feminine nuance to more tailored styles.
Stay tuned for more amazing posts!
Till then Stay Chic

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Pictured above: Proenza Schouler, Hermes, Alexander Wang

Saturday 7 December 2013


Hello People!
Exams time is a rush! But still I have saved out time for this beautiful post I'm sure you'll love! So the photographer couldn't be the same! As my dearest Madam Tyagi was pretty busy with her assignments "PM GC" Lol!:D So I had another friend of mine who helped me with this post Rajkumari,you can see her pictures here too....
So lets go bac
k to the post now!
When in doubt there is DEMIN "The SAVIOR".
Denim. It’s an ever-lasting fabric that can either make classic looks or cheap looks. However, with the right accessories, it doesn’t have to be isolated to the bottom half of your outfit.
Shake off the dust from your denim jacket, take it to the tailor and get it refitted. Denim is back baby and she is tired from sittin’ in the corner!

Stay tuned for more amazing posts!
Till then Stay Chic

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Concept : Disha Bhanot

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Black on Black

We know it's winter's but not in my part of the world!! Hell ya!! It's summer! I live in Kerala, but you don't have to do the colorful/pastel thing every day. Learn how to wear all black, the right way. 

Like a trusted friend, the most reliable color in our wardrobe never lets us down. Our little black anythings are always there for us, ready to make us look amazing, seeing us through any party, date, or professional schmooze-fest. The danger, though, is that when it comes to ultra-dark outfits, you can have too much of a good thing and end up giving off a scary impression. 

If you're craving new, never-tried ways to wear this standby shade, you'll want to take notes. I assembled outfits that show off your mad style skills, instead of hiding them in goth shadows. If you pay attention to details (and fabrics, and silhouettes), you can pull of a monochromatic look (even in the dead of summer!) that's all about confidence, creativity, and sartorial smarts. Click through for  my-styled outfits, and see how it inspire some of your own bright ideas. ;)

Stay tuned for more amazing posts!
Till then Stay Chic

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Concept : Disha Bhanot
Photography:Abhilasha Tyagi

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