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Friday 21 February 2014

Loafing Around~!

Hello! People!
I'm here again with another stylish element for you! The Loafers!

Sporty with a hint of masculine,the loafer should be your work and travel wardrobe staple. Who says comfort and chic don't go hand in hand.

The traditional casual loafer has evolved over the years to become a versatile type of footwear sported by both men and women. Because the shoes are stylish and comfortable, many women have included them as a part of their wardrobe as a go-to pair of shoes for any occasion. Loafers are available in many styles and designs, so they can easily be paired with a business suit for work or a pair of jeans for a casual look. The three main ways that women can style a pair of loafers are to wear in the office, with a casual outfit, or with evening wear. Knowing which types of loafers go along with certain outfits is critical to effectively pulling off this look. After the style has been chosen, the colour is selected to match the outfit and the proper size is chosen. Because a properly-fitted pair of loafers is so comfortable, women might want to have more than one pair of loafers in their closets. No matter which style or colour of loafers a shopper is looking for, eBay has a large selection of loafers to choose from, both new and used.

Photography: Raj

Will you be trying the look? Let me know in the comments below! 

Till then Stay CHIC!
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Friday 14 February 2014


Hello! People! Happy Valentine's Day! 

So, I am not wearing red, planning for internships,
but had an amazing day!Nothing could have been better! Thou for me it was not just any other day. 

But then I decided to do a special outfit for the day, wearing white, because this color suits every day and every occasion! 
and also I'm back with you all with a new segment and a style piece Scarf!
I have tons of scarves! I wear them almost every day and base a good amount of my outfits on them. They can brighten you up and make your eyes look brighter, you skin glow, and perfectly complements you outfit; if you wear them correctly. I'm here to show you how.
Scarves can be paired with a skirt, jeans, or nicedress pants. That's another good thing about scarves; they can be dressed up or down.

Photography: Rajkumari

My outfit includes a white t-shirt and a tribal printed scarf with denim printed shorts!!

This is a great scarf! I  think that the green  is very pretty and I love the interesting design. This Tribal Geometric 
I hope you liked the outfit and learned how to look perfect in a scarf! They are a great way to show personality and style!

Till then Stay CHIC!
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Saturday 8 February 2014


Hello guys!

Here we are again on Valentine’s day… Whether you celebrate it or not , whether you have a partner or not… The occasion sounds delicious to indulge yourself (or your beloved one)
with some treats. 
Here is a couple of ideas coming into my mind during those lovely days!

Very simple ideas and very creative to show your loved ones how much you love..!!
Here are the printables for the first craft.

Hope you'll try these crafts!
And show people how much you love and care through these....~! :D

Till then Stay CHIC!
Pictures craft source: Pinterest

Friday 7 February 2014

How to wear Cobalt Blue?

Hello People!

Stuck in a sartorial rut? Fear not. Instead of investing in yet another pair of navy culottes —yep, we’re talking to you — why not try our new favourite summer hue? 

We're talking about cobalt blue, the ultimate wardrobe BFF. It's bold, bright, and guaranteed to get you noticed at the bar,at college, at the supermarket, and at the office. Plus, we’ve got the rulebook on how to wear it. Sorry powder blue, you just got shunned!!

Photography: Rajkumari

You can add more style to the  outfit by simply broochin it up! that woud really add a slight glamourous touch to your attire. That would suit for a brunch with friends or at the office.
The choice is entirely yours! :)

Will you be trying the look? Let me know in the comments below! 
Trousers wear here.

Till then Stay CHIC!
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Tuesday 4 February 2014


Both the pencil skirt and the A-line skirt were designed by Frenchman Christian Dior, who is singlehandedly credited with inspiring 1950s fashion.

Pictures: Google

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