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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Life Outside The Cubicle

There is a very famous quote that does the rounds on Pinterest:
 “Your dream job does not exist. You must create it.” 
Since the moment I have seen it, I know it was written for people like me. 
As much as we all like to be creating our dream jobs, there is a certain set of people, known as bloggers, who have not only crafted their dream job, but have also made it into a successful business. From Perez Hilton to Miss Malini  these new age self-made men and women have managed to make a career and life outside the cubicle.
As the blogging industry gets bigger and better, the blogger is often seen as the new age role model; an aspirational figure who is inspiring a generation to have it all. Most importantly, the blogger is breaking  the age-old dilemma of dream job vs. real job. Instead,the blogger encourages people to pursue their passion and make it their dream job. 
As a fashion and lifestyle blogger who is part of the thriving blogging community, I have always wanted to  do a post about my fellow bloggers from across genres.  
So i have decided to do a post  outside the work space seemed liked the perfect 
opportunity to do a post featuring few of my favourite bloggers who have managed to make a career and life outside the cubicle pursuing their passion and living their dreams.
Here's the story of Adarsh Munjal and how his blog thebigbhookad came to be.
 #About yourself. (Education/what you love)
My world revolves around one simple question - Aaj khaane mein kya hai? Since I was a little child, all I cared about were my breakfasts, lunches & dinners. While pursuing BMM in Jai Hind College, I aspired to become a food critic someday, so I started my blog The Big Bhookad in 2010, after graduating in 2009. I was always a gluttonous soul and that hasn't changed and I hope it never  does. 
#Tell us about your Blog (how it happened??)
Well, Snehsha and I got drunk with the help of Old Monk at Janata Lunch Home one night and the idea of starting a blog struck  us when we left the place. Myfirst review was Janata Lunch Home and it still stays as the first blog post on :) 
#Why you do Blog?
I blog because I took up the responsibility of sharing my honest opinions on the culinary experiences I opted to have more than twice a week, which gradually grew into an oath, a promise, which were the first words written on the blog and can be found as its manifesto even today.
Inline image 1
 #Your 5 favorites treats this winter!
1. Gajar ka halwa
2. Undhiyu (my all time favourite Gujarati dish)
3. Sarson Da Saag (with makai di roti of course!)
4. Nolen gurer sandesh (or rossogulla)
5. Beef chili (sinfully spicy preferably) 
#What do you love most about blogging and working outside the cubicle?
Blogging not only lets me be who I am, it lets me portray who I am, as I am. 

Meet Ritu Arya, the uber-stylish girl from the blog razzledazzlepickle.
 # About yourself. (Education/what you love)
- A Textile Design Graduate (2010-14) from NIFT, Bangalore. Blogging and styling for more than two years now. Also, the Co-Founder of Drum and Bass India, a community promoting Drum n Bass genre and supporting underground DnB Indian Artists/DJs. So yeah, I have got too much on my plate and I am absolutely enjoying every bit of it. And, there are too many things I love/enjoy doing. Rain, Textures, People who are honest and kind, Boots, photo shoots, haha, cannot mention it all here. But yeah, Music is something I could never do without.  
#Tell us about your Blog  (how it happened??)
- It was all very unanticipated. I had never thought of blogging at all, to be honest.My friend (who also is my photographer) Debjyoti, suggested that I should upload a few random photos that I take now and then and start a blog. I did so, during the second year of college summers and kept it hidden for quite sometime. And then, I remember there was an online styling competition by Lomography India and  people were to style themselves, I gave it a try and won the first prize. That gave me confidence and I continued with outfit posts. It’s  been quite a journey since then.  
#Why you do Blog?
- Over the past years this has become an inseparable part of me and my life. I am thinker and writing really helps me express my thoughts and calm my mind down. And about the fashion bit, it’s great to share your style, your knowledge and learn the same from  others. Blogging helps here, it certainly does. 
#Your 5 essentials for this fall.. :)
- I am a fan of layering and slouchy clothing. So to start with, an Oversized Sweater that you could layer and wear in various ways. A Faux Leather jacket. White Shirt which can again be a versatile piece. Some basic coloured T- Shirts and last, hottest Red Lipstick that  you can find. It is an instant mood brightener and sometimes when the weather gets you down, a bright red lipstick can do wonders. 
#What do you love most about blogging and working outside the cubicle?
- Since I was into blogging for a while, after I got done with college I decided to continue with the same and focus on the ultimate goals  that I have for my future. I think, the best part is the astonishing change over the years in your style, your thoughts, your writing style, everything for that matter, because blogging helps you maintain a record and improve in many ways. Oh wait, the best part is that I am the boss here. Haha. Also, it's funny how sometimes a Monday can feel like a Saturday or a Sunday and vice versa. I totally enjoy this
 bit about being a freelancer.
Meet Soma Rachel George the sexy yet preppy blogger and know how it all began!
# About yourself. (Education/what you love)
 I was born in Abu Dhabi where I did my primary education, after which I moved to India with my sister to live with my grandparents and further continued my education in Kerala and Coimbatore. After graduation I came to Singapore to live with my mother and step father and found a job in the financial industry. I have been in Singapore for the past 10 years and after I got married my husband and I have settled in Singapore. 
#Tell us about your Blog  (how it happened??)
- My blog was created in the year 2011 and it wasn’t an accident. I was introduced to the blogosphere by my stylish girl friend, we would meet up once a week after work and talk non-stop about fashion bloggers, the new places to shop and head to our favourite shops in the city to find unique pieces.
It’s with that I decided to create a space where I could share whats in my wardrobe and be a source of inspiration to the woman around me. My girl friends always turned up to me for any wardrobe crisis or even ask me to shop with them. They were all surprised to see me wear  things that they would normally stay away from. It’s with this inspiration I decided to create Rach-in-Fashion. 
#Why you do Blog?
- I love to blog as this is where I let my creative side show. I work in the financial industry as a Compliance Officer, most of the days I am least inspired to dress up. Weekends are dedicated to my blogs and of doing anything creative, be it baking, cooking for my husband, reading magazines or updating my Instagram. 
#Your 5 essentials for this fall.. :)
- Singapore being very close to the Equator, the only two seasons we have here is Summer and Monsoons. Hence, there is no chance for us Singaporeans to enjoy the fall clothes that is displayed in the windows of ZARA, Topshop etc. Nevertheless, I always dream about being in a colder place so as to enjoy a good Cape, with deep Red lips my favourite being Ruby Woo or Russian Red by MAC and a pair of black leather ankle boots :) 
#What do you love most about blogging and working outside the cubicle?
- The most I love about blogging is having a space where I could share my fashion finds and my personal style. Fashion had always played a key interest in my life and I would never miss an opportunity in that department. 

Last but not the least we have Sanjana!  
 #About Yourself
I've done my bachelors in mass media (BMM) from Sophia College, Mumbai and I have a PG in PR and Corp Comm from XIC, Mumbai.I absolutely love writing, fashion, dancing, reading and spending time with my family and close friends. 
 #Tell us about A Whimsical Closet (how it happened??)
I always loved writing and fashion and this seemed like a natural progression. Last year I decided to give it a go  but work commitments were way to much. I've recently decided to go all out and really work on my blog in 2015. 
First resolution for this new year! :)  
#Why do you blog?
Blogging is a great way to put your ideas, expression, sense of style and voice to the world - it's my voice, it's me, completely unplugged.
#Your 5 essentials for this fall.. :)
A cardigan, beret, scarf, boots and a coat or parka!
#What do you love most about blogging and working outside the cubicle?
The fact that you get to communicate with your readers on a one on one basis. It's a complete high to hear people  say they love your work, your personality, your sense of style and how a single article changed their day and made  them smile.
By doing what they love, this is how these talented bloggers celebrate their life outside the cubicle. 
 Till then, 
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